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Java fern

Hi!									7.12.01
	Again my Java ferns went from beautiful and big to brown, pathetic, and
almost non existent.  My 40 gall. has 84 watts of plant lights and I just
got some Leaf Zone fertilizer.  All of the sudden on day in June I looked
at the ferns and noticed those horrible brown transparent wrinkles.  I
quickly removed the infected leaves.  The next day I looked and saw the
horrible things again.  Now All I have left is 2 small plants( I mean
REALLY SMALL).  this happened last year around the same time.  Last time
I removed what was left of the fern and put it into another tank.  Later
after my goldfish began to take an interest in the fern I put them back
into the big tank(about sept-oct).  They started to grow again and them
June came around.  Is this a seasonal thing caused by a rise in
temperature over the summer, or is it a chemical problem.  I have been
neglecting the tank by not adding as much fertilizer as I should, but
that will change now that I work at a pet store and I get a nice
discount!  Any help would be awesome!  Thank you all!
                               Hanna Weiss                               
                               ledzephelm at juno_com                  

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