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UV Sterilizer Questions

Hi all,

I need some advice... I have been battling a green water problem for about
a month now... have tried many things (diatom filter, cutting off nutrients,
darkness), except algae killing chemicals and the UV Sterlizer, to no avail.
The cause was a complete anachris melt for unknown reasons.

I am a bit lacking in knowledge about the UVS... I understand what it does
but I haven't been able to find much info about how it is physically hooked
up.  Are they typically stand alone devices, or do I need to hook it up to
my filter (Fluval 304)?  Do those of you that have one, run it all the time or
just as necessary, assuming it is standalone.  If it does have to be hooked
up to a filter, can you turn them off when not needed and still have it
attached to the filter?

Anyone know where to get a cheap one?  I've seen them in the standard
catalogs, but it appears that they are all at least $70+.  Also, one  last
question, what size in terms of wattage is best for a 55 gallon tank?

These are all probably pretty dumb questions, so I apologize if these are
things that I really should know.

Thanks in advance.


PS - for those looking for SAE in Denver, I saw them at Petsmart near
Park Meadows, advertised as Flying Foxes.  The employees there
are not very compent, so I don't typically buy there, but I did notice
that the SAE's looked healthy and cheap ($1.99).