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Java fern

Hi all, I checked with a source in Thailand who has a
fish and plant farm. Nonn is looking to sell his
products in the US, Europe and Japan. He was kind
enough to provide me with information and even kinder
to provide me with some tiger lotus, driftwood and
several pairs of Betta pi at the right price. Great
Guy! eh?

Java fern when grown emersed with moderate to low
light and high humidity spreads like a weed. This
plant benefits from the high temperatures and other
conditions experienced in a rainforest. Plant growers
are aware of this and can grow a decent sized mother
plant in just 2 years. Plantlets are encoraged to grow
in sterile media innoculated with fertilizer and when
of sufficient size are transplanted to the nursery.
Here they are grown in a high humidity environment
until large enough for sale.

Tokyo Japan

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