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Re: Java fern

Both my java ferns and bolbitis grow just fine on gravel and flourite
substrate. I usually take a small clump and put a rock just big enough
to keep them weighted down on top of the rhizome somewhere. They take
root in the substate and eventually onto the rock. 

After a while they will find other places to grow by themselves-wood or

In one ten gallon I started a tiny clump in one corner. A few months
later it had spread the entire length of the tank and is like a little
forest without any help from me.  

>I have a question about Java Fern 
>Does Java Fern need to be attached to
>rock / bog / drift wood or can they root in
>the substrate / gravel ? If rock how large a
>rock and how do you attach it ? 
>Also what kind of rock or is it just and rock
>ghemsath at att_net