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More about SAEs from AZ Gardens Today

I also took a hit on the Great AAZ SAE/Amano Shrimp mail out.  All but one
SAE survived (Man those things were small!) but only one of the Amano shrimp
made it.  The box was just as most here has described and the temperatures
on my end were not extreme at all.  The box was fine for the purpose but I
can understand that a more substantial package would be better in very hot
or very cold weather.  It was certainly not worth $5 though.  I did not call
AAZ because their web site clearly states that there is no guarantee on
these critters and they really are providing a service to those of us that
can't find these things locally.

The plant order was also similar to the way others have described.  Packing
plants in wet newspaper is IMV the BEST way to keep them stable.  And most
times delicate plants will look like mush after only a few hours in a bag.
R. macrandra comes to mind as a good example.  Don't throw these away
because they will survive more often than not.  AAZ could/should separately
bag and label them.  In January I ordered C. walkeri, C. willisi, and
another similar Crypt.  They came in one pile and I still have no idea which
is which.

I have ordered from them in the past and will undoubtedly do so again.  

Delaware Aquatic Imports is a good alternative for plants.  They have a
better selection of Crypts than AAZ but AAZ has a much better selection

One plants mail-order business that had excellent packaging was Horizon
Growers. Their plants  were grown and marketed in the Tropica style.
Unfortunately they  are no longer around.

Lyndle Schenck

Still looking for the green variety of Barclaya longifolia.