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Re: More about SAEs from AZ Gardens Today

I have to agree. I already wrote a snippet about packaging. (PPP Piss
Poor Packaging)
Mail order companies for marine animals ship in a styro box. They
usually charge $10.00 for the box. AZ Gardens charges 5.00 for their
plain cardboard box.

They also wrap the plants in wet newspaper, place them loosely in a
plastic bag, then in the box. Nothing is done to protect fragile
plants from getting thrashed during the shipping process. I received
plants that were so badly damaged I could barely tell what they were,
so they hit the trash. Only one species made it through the first week
in my tank and it was a potted plant that was in a plastic wrapping
first then wrapped in paper.

One species that I ordered, was on their web site and clearly
available, was not even shipped. No attempt was made to contact me.
I also called and left a message about my order not arriving on time.
No attempt was made to call or email me.
I paid 22.00 for "express mail" that took 5 days from the time they
were boxed. If it were shipped on Monday or Tuesday, went regular UPS
or USPS, it would have been cheaper and the plants would normally have
been here in two or three days.

Personally, I feel every species should be in its own inflated plastic
bag and clearly labeled. They should also be shipped in styro boxes.
They should be shipped during the week when the USPS, UPS and FEDEX is
actually working.
If your required to meet a minimum order then they should make the
effort to insure that your plants and animals arrive in the best

Would I pay a little extra for such service?  In a heartbeat.
Would I order from AZ Gardens again? No way.  Not unless they
radically alter their shipping procedures and customer service.

Keith and Lisa                          o

: Personally, I think having insulation foam on all sides, like
: refrigerators, igloo coolers, etc. is a much more effective way to
: insulate than doing only two of six sides of a box.  A plastic bag
in a
: a Styrofoam container is closer to the ideal shipping carton.