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Re: Cl concentrations

Cosmin Mihae wrote:

> I'm wandering, since I'm dosing KCl and CaCl, what is a suitable Cl
> concentration and if dosing the above substance woldn't give me a
> unreasonable one.

I've never heard of a plant problem associated with chloride.  Normally
they will hit their salinity tolerance limits before there is any
problem specific to chloride.

Most water supplies (at least in the US) carry somewhere around 5-25
mg/l of chloride.  I think the federal water quality guideline for
chloride concentration is 200 mg/l (that is based on the taste of the
water, not on health or environmental impacts), so some water supplies
will carry a lot more than the usual amount of chloride.  Some places
have even more than than the Federal guidelines would allow.  Freshwater
plants grow in estuarine areas where chloride concentrations regularly
reach even higher values.

> btw - the KCl is curently dosed at a rate of 2.4 ppm K per day and CaCl at
> a rate of 2 degree GH per week - with the water changes.
> Also - using Amquel  - to get rid of the Cl from tap water - is a posible
> way to solve this problem?

Within reason you don't need to worry about chloride concentrations. 
Plants require some chloride, and can thrive in the presence of a lot
chloride.  Some fish may be more sensitive.  Reasonable dosing and
regular water changes should keep the chloride levels from getting out
of hand.

You can also replace the potassium chloride with potassium sulfate. 
That would help reduce any build up.

Roger Miller