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New AGA E-mail lists now online

At the suggestion of the AGA steering committee members, I have created
two mailing lists to facilitate communication to and between AGA members.
Non-members are also welcome to join these forums.

aga-announce   is where announcements of upcoming speakers, local plant
               group meetings, shows, contests or other events can be
               posted.  This will be a low-traffic list.

aga-member     is for members to exchange info, chat, whatever.  No
               limitations.  This could be a high-traffic or no-traffic
               list depending on how it goes.

Traffic will initially be unmoderated.  Hopefully we won't have to change

Oh, and these lists are meant to be complementary in function to the APD:
the former as a sparse announcements-only forum, and the latter allowing a
bit more chattiness and general talk that might otherwise be off-topic for
the APD.  No digest form will be available at this time.

How to subscribe: send mail to majordomo at thekrib_com with the words
"subscribe aga-announce" in the body of the message (for aga-announce), or
"subscribe aga-member" in the body (for aga-member, duh!). You can include
both lines to subscribe to both lists.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com