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What happens if the bacteria in the substrate dies off?

Thanks James. Now I remember that bacteria dies off when there's no supply
of O2 to them. My filtration system is a really low tech one with only a UGF
plate at the bottom with only 1 air/water pipe connected at the far corner
of my 2 ft tank.Substrate is common grain sand of about 8 cm. Air is simply
injected from the bottom of the pipe. I have no other filtration system at
all. I turned off the aeration completely for more than 12 hrs per day. So I
guessed the useful bacteria had all died out? But I do add commercial
bacteria soloution every water change. If they do die out, does that mean my
nitrate level in my tank is very high? What other problems could result from
this? I've this irritating algae which I do not know what it is. It's a
brownish green film that grows on the leaves like anubias,sword plants etc.
Other than that, no hair algae problem whatsoever.