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Re: Cl concentrations

>>I'm wandering, since I'm dosing KCl and CaCl, what
is a suitable Cl concentration and if dosing the above
substance woldn't give me a unreasonable one.
btw - the KCl is curently dosed at a rate of 2.4 ppm K
per day and CaCl at a rate of 2 degree GH per week -
with the water changes. Also - using Amquel  - to get
rid of the Cl from tap water - is a posible
way to solve this problem?<<

The short of it is that I have no idea.  But here's my
best guess.

Chlorine is an essential micronutrient, that comprises
.01% of a plant's dry weight.  Potassium and Calcium
on the other hand, are MACROnutrients.  They comprise
1.0% and 0.5% of a plant's dry weight, respectively. 
So given that you are dosing for what is (hopefully)
macronutrient levels of K and Ca, you probably have
more Cl than necessary.  But are the effects harmful? 
I think in the experience of this list, no one has
really been able to point a finger at high Cl levels,
but then again, how would we know?  I am not aware of
any literature.

Chlorine and Chloride are different.  One is an ion
and the other isn't.  Chlorine is the one that is bad
for the fish.  I am not aware that amquel or ammolock
react with chloride, but then again, chloride probably
isn't a problem.  I wouldn't worry about it.


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