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Re: Algae eaters

Kevin wrote - "I am trying to decided what to replace the Pleco's
(Regular and Bristle
Nose) in my 135G tank becuase of the damage they are doing to my Swords.
suggestions as to type and also quantity required?"

Do you know which of the bristlenose you have?  How large is it?  The
most recent issue of PAM has an article about plecos in plant tanks.
Author, Shane Linder, states, "Ancistrus, better known as bushynose" are
among the best worker catfish in Ancistrae, but advises caution as some
may damage plants.  Goes on to suggest that any new ancistrus be
quaranteened, fed well for a few days, then add a nice potted sword to
the tank to find out if you have a friend or foe for the plant tank.  I
am curious because I recently added 2 Ancistrus temmincki to my tank
based on the recomendation of LFS.  They are just under 1"  and appear
to be model citizens.  If they are not juvenile delinquents will they
grow up to be responsible adults?

And a ?  In the same article the author states in a photo caption, "The
top "sailfin" is a clue this gibbiceps may not do well in the planted
tank."  The article does not clearly state why.  Is it because of
potential large size, plant eating habit, or water quality needs?  I
recently saw a posting on another board that recomended a sailfin in a
planted tank based on the posting individuals experience.   Also, "this
gibbiceps",  what is the scientific name of most commonly available
sailfin?  Baensch #1, pg. 490 shows Hypostomus punctuatus.  Is this a
sailfin and if so what is gibbiceps?

Jay Reeves