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RE: HOT Magnum and Emperor filters

I've used both filters for years and have been very happy with them. The
only time the HOT makes noise is if there is water trapped inside the
canister (true for any canister filter) and the Emperor does make more
splashy noise if the water level in the tank gets too low, but otherwise
they have always run very silently and reliably for me. Easy to maintain, as

I just replaced the Emperor on my 90 gallon tank with a Fluval (at request
of hubby who never liked seeing the filters on the back of the tank in the
living room). I'm not sure I like the change. Because of the way the tank is
set up in the room, it is somewhat difficult to get the filter out from
behind the stand for maintenance (but that is more a function of my set up
and not the filter's fault). I am also battling an NO3 problem in this tank
(not planted- it's African cichlids) which I never had with the Emperor. The
Fluval has not been on the tank for all that long, though, so I am going to
give it a good chance before I decide for sure.

All in all, I'd recommend any of the Marineland filters as reliable, quiet
and easy maintenance.


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