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AGA convention

Diana wrote “”Now for the good stuff -- some of you
attended last years AGA conference in Chatanooga. What
kind of temptations can one expect to encounter there?
I have heard of the plant auctions and wonderful guest
speakers, but are there manufacturers and vendors of
aquarium equipment as well? Booksellers? I am trying
to get a clue as to how much I will want to spend for
such temptations and how much carry-on luggage space I
need to allocate on my return trip. Thanks, Diana “”


With this kind of forethought you are going to have a
ball at the AGA convention.  The temptations are
grand.  Last year most people just brought a few items
to enter into the auction.  Which is fine – the
auction needs to be supported with the best specimen
and the most difficult to find plants.  This year I
would anticipate seeing more folks with plants and
equipment for trade or sale.  The trades are great. 
You get to talk with the person who grew the plant and
get some tips, also, if you trade, it doesn’t cost you
anything.  This means you have extra cash for the
auction or vendors.

The good thing about transporting plants is that they
can be condensed into a small package.  If you brought
a carry-on dedicated to carrying plants to and from
Chattanooga, you will have more than enough space. 
Put your books or other gear in the checked bags.

See you in Chattanooga!

Warren, MI

newellcr at yahoo_com

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