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Re: Algae eaters

Hey Kevin,

Kevin wrote:
<I am trying to decided what to replace the Pleco's (Regular and Bristle
Nose) in my 135G tank becuase of the damage they are doing to my Swords. Any
suggestions as to type and also quantity required?>

I think you'll get a number of responses saying the same thing, but here's my $.02:

I have been fortunate enough to obtain, through mail order, Caridinia japonica or Amano shrimp or Yamato-numa-ebi, etc....They are all they are purported to be and more. Not only do they *constantly* grub for algae, but they also clean up virtually every other crumb they can find. They are hearty for shipping (zero losses out of 15) and begin to do their jobs upon introduction to the tank. For a 135 gal., you'll need quite a few. Probably in the order of 50 or so depending on your algae growth. They are expensive.

I used to really like ottocinclus, but they aren't quite as efficient as the shrimp. I have kept 2 varieties. Ottocinclus vittatus, and Parottocinclus maculicaudis (sp?). The latter, being larger, does a better job and are considerably more attractive. The former is a cute, but not so industrious, little fish that seems to have gregariuous tendencies, and I believe the literature deems that all otto's should be kept as such. 

God help any of the softer algae for the otto's will leave a swath of poop in their wake. You have a better chance of getting ahold of the otto's than the shrimp. I would shoot for about 20-30 in a 6 foot tank. Especially if it's heavily planted. They are usually sold around here for about $1.50-$1.99 each....not too bad.

Sorry for the longish post. I love this topic!...Good luck Kevin,