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Re: wallichii survery

>>I would like to hear from everyone growing this
what your tank conditions are.  How hard?  Macros?
Rate of growth, etc.  I hope that by doing this, we
might reach a concensus about how to care for this

I have had good success with wallichii.  When I used
to trade in plants at the LFS I had a large stand and
could take in 20-25 tall stems a week.  Tank
conditions at that time were DIY co2, 200w CF, ~7d GH
(maybe less, I was using 50% RO at the time which
would have made it more like 4dH) in a 75gal tank.  I
am still growing it, but now with pressurized co2 and
7dH GH.

Having said that, I haven't yet mastered growing
conditions for the plant.  I believe Frode Roe on his
website says that when at peak health, the tips are
pink.  In my experience, peak health is red.  Poor
health is white.  And pink is a state inbetween.  I
remember having some trouble with this plant, and
reading somewhere on APD that someone had noticed
calcium deficiency as a problem with this plant.  I
had been derelict with water changes at the time,
checked my KH and GH.  KH was less than one, and GH
was about 3.  Both those figures are significantly
reduced from the input water.  If my memory serves me
correctly, when I increased GH and KH (through water
changes) it did much better.  So watch your KH and

As far as rate of growth in my tank, the wallichii can
grow from bottom to top (18in or so) in probably
1.5wk.  And along the way, it will grow offshoots. 
When it reaches the surface, it will bend over, and
several shoots will form there and grow straight up.

And as far as floating wallichii when it is in poor
shape, I think that holds true for any plant.  If it
looks like its going to die, float it.

One more point--the wallichii in my higher lighted
tank grows much more red than the wallichii in my
55gal NO fluoro tank.  So having enough light is
definitely a prerequisite.


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