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I've repaired a tank before, but I emptied it and replaced the whole seal.
It held up for several more years before I sold it.  When smoothing the bead
of calk, I found my finger worked OK, though its a little messy.  To get a
more consistant bead, I cut a piece of cardboard to shape and used it to
smooth it out.  Worked well enough.  I also places a piece of tape along the
boundaries where I wanted the calk to stop, and when I was finished shaping
and before it dried, I removed the tape.  This gave me a crisp consistant
line.  I've since read an article suggesting shaping a piece of ice to the
appropriate shape for inside/outside shaping and using it for the shaping.
The constant layer of water on the ice keeps it from sticking.  I haven't
actually tried this, but it sounds reasonable.