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Re: wallichii survery

>>requiring lots of prunings(weekly). Clean water, low
in N and high in P, deep gravel, 3 watts or more of
light/gallon, no SAE's and both hard and soft water.
I'll say that it does seem to do better in softer
water, low N with PO4's.Lower NO3's cause more red
color in most Rotala sp. <<

To back up what Tom has recommend, I thought I would
add that I don't ever add extra nitrogen to my tank. 
Neither do I add phosphorus.  I have kept them with
SAE's without problems.  The one exception was when I
had green hair algae growing on the wallichii, and
then the SAEs went to town.  I do see them nibble once
in a while, but I guess they have plenty of other
algae to eat.  :)  So I would say, don't avoid this
species just because you have SAEs.


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