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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1072

I keep a 8" black ghost in a very heavily planted 65G and he does just fine. He's made this rock island covered in java fern his home, and for a fish that's supposed to be incredibly shy and that you're supposed to buy clear tubes for them to hide in if you ever want to see them, he's out of his cave and swimming around ALOT - even in daytime under a 250w MH light. I see him more than I see my corys, lol, although he definately prefers the shady areas.

In my experience, the more cover they have, the more secure they feel; and like loaches, the more secure they feel, the more you will see them and be able to interact with them. Mine eats out of my hand and will drape himself in my cupped hand if I placeit in the tank and allow me to stroke him.

The bigger issue is what other fish do you have in your planted tank? They are not compatible with all fishes, and if you have small fish or shrimp, you may soon find them gone. Mine ignores the rummynoses, but unfortunately, no shrimp survive for more than a couple hours in that tank =\. I've also heard 2 other reports regarding tankmates. I've been told to NOT keep them with long finned fish as they're blind and will mistake the fins of, say angels, for worms or such and shred them before they realize the mistake. I've also heard that they themselves are susceptible to fin nippers such as tiger barbs, etc. I don't keep nippers, but I've kept my guy in with a breeding pair of supervieled angels w/o any problems at all, and I've seen reputable angel breeders sell them as ideal tankmates, so I'm not sure I buy the first
point, but it's something to consider and watch out for nonetheless. Some fish just have nicer personalitys than others of their breed. =)

Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 15:25:48 -0700
> From: "Coleman, Sean" <scoleman at gmsaz_com>
> Subject: Black ghost knife and plants
>         I am in need of some advise.
>         I have a 6 to 7" black ghost in a 40 gal. semi-planted tank. I was
> wondering, since this guy/gal (I have no idea which) is getting rather
> large, if I could move him/her to a heavily planted tank? Does any one have
> any experience they could give me? I can't pop for a new tank like Roger : )

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