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Rotalla wallichii Survey Participate!!!!

Every time I get some of this plant, it gets rattier
and rattier until I get disgusted with it and throw it
out.  I know (from experience and advice) that one
does not need very soft water to grow plants well. 
The soft water thing is a myth of sorts  BUT, I'm
thinking that maybe hardness has something to do with
HOW a plant grows, especially wallichii.  I believe
that the Baensch Atlas volume 2 said something about
how it will grow well for awhile in hard water but
later turns into a degenerate form.  It does not say
it dies.  

I would like to hear from everyone growing this plant
what your tank conditions are.  How hard?  Macros?
Rate of growth, etc.  I hope that by doing this, we
might reach a concensus about how to care for this

Sure, mine still grows, but it looks like crap.  I
finally decided to post this after talking with Larry
Lampert, who has the same problem.  It's not just me.

I would like to get to the bottom of this once and for
all.  Thanks, 


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