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Re: Cladophora balls

> Has anyone here had any experience with using the algae Cladophora
> aegagropila in aquascaping? Itīs a dense, green thread algae with very slow
> growth. If Iīm not misinformed, Tropica has recently started selling it and
> itīs becoming quite popular in Denmark. Itīs used stretched out in the
> foreground of the tank to form a lush, green carpet - much like Riccia in
> Amanos tanks. The difference being that Cladophora stays in place and
> doesnīt need constant pruning since it grows very slowly. And to my eye,
> itīs at least as beautiful.

Yes it's nice.
> But on the other hand - it is an algae. And theyīre not usually our friends.

Not this one. It's a nice plant. Algae eaters don't eat it. That's different
too. I use more like a ball of Riccia rather than "stretching it out" in a
lawn. The balls float too, like Riccia but not as bad. I suppose one could
weight it down somehow with rocks/wood etc or with other plants hanging on
to it.
> So - before I go ahead and start using it all the way, I just wanted to
> hear what youīve got to say on the subject. Is it as good as it seems to
> be? If it is, why isnīt everyone using it? Any drawbacks I donīt know
> about? Tips, hints and experience - please let me know.

It's slow growing and will do well in high light CO2 tanks. As they get
bigger the balls will get hollow inside and float. Break them open and they
will form  a new piece etc. I think I have 4 or so in my tanks.
Claus gave me one awhile back.

A neat idea would be using the balls with Riccia stones. The dark and light
contrast would look nice. They are quite hardy as well.
Tom Barr 
> Thanks,
> Fredrik.