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Critters in my Filter

I have a 775 gal pond that is 2 weeks old and I just cleaned the Supreme
Pondmaster in-pond filter which consists of 2 foam type layers of media for
the first time.  The first layer is a coarse weave and the second is finer
and impregnated with charcoal.  Between the two layers of the filter and in
the filter pads themselves, I've discovered worms.  They are about one half
inch long, about half the diameter of a pencil lead and mostly red in color,
although some are partly yellow.  They curl up in a half circle.  Does
anyone have any idea what they are and if they could be harmful to the six
goldfish that are in the pond.  I'm also concerned about the pond plants
which include a hardy water lily, anacharis, hornwort, sweetflag, kafar
lily, water spearmint, and a few other marginals and floaters.

Wayne C