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Re: EZ-Serpent Extract

Dave Gauthier <gauthier at VIMS_EDU> wrote:

>ignorance of scientific method.   I especially liked the claim of "no chemicals, bacteria, or enzymes."  So, you get a bottle full of nothing?  

See, I'm not a believer in that thing, I also think it's snake oil. I also
laughed at first at the "no chemicals" statement. But the "test report" I
pointed out before offers an alternative: an ion exchange resin. That woud
qualify IMHO as a "no chemical" based on the popular use of the word
"chemical" to refer generically to ionic solutions. We don't use normally
the word "chemical" do refer to particulates in suspension. Or, in an
alternative wording, things that can be removed with plain mechanical 

Again, the web site is just outrageous and I would never come close to
believing or endorsing anything like that.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD