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Badis Badis


	Badis badis are pretty similar to dwarf cichlids although they're not
actually part of the cichlid family, I would treat them like cichlids,
they're actually part of the Nandidae family, together with leaf fish.   I
have one dominant male who has very dark blue/almost black fins, with with
red/black and blue patches on his body, the other 5 are either all females
or sub-dominant males.   Another name for them is Chameleon fish, as they're
colour changes quite a bit with there mood.   Mine seem pretty hardy, my
water is very hard and alkaline out of the tap which is probably not ideal
for them but they seem to not mind it.   They're from Burma/India sort of
area, I think I might have a seperate strain called Badis Badis Burmanicus
from Burma.   I bought mine from my LFS, they didn't look very impressive in
the shop, and if I was sensible I wouldn't have bought them as they're were
very small, fin nipped, a bit runty and they're colour was all washed out.
You wouldn't have looked at them twice, but when I got them home they soon
coloured up and recovered.   My 6 are in a well-planted 2" tank on there
own.   They do seem very predatory, with very good eye sight, swimming very
deliberately round the tank looking for moving creatures to pounce on,
feelers from a snail being enough to to make them pounce.   Mine do eat
frozen food though and even flake food as it falls.

there is a web page on them



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