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EZ-Serpent Extract

Hello all...

Just had to chip in...  On looking at the EZ-Life webpage, it looks like a practical joke or bona-fide snake oil.  You really can't claim to work (multiple) miracles with a product, provide no hard scientific support, and expect to be taken seriously.  The "test reports" section with the testimonials by "German experts" is nothing more than flowery anecdote.  In only one case was an experimental control present, and the parameters measured were highly subjective.  The "technical data" section presents experiments for which no controls were evidently performed, and no detail about materials and methods was provided.  These "data" do not "clearly demonstrate" anything except for an ignorance of scientific method.   I especially liked the claim of "no chemicals, bacteria, or enzymes."  So, you get a bottle full of nothing?  

I realize our hobby rests on a solid bedrock of anecdote and empirical evidence.  That's fine for the hobbyist and it works much of the time, but if one is selling something as miracle juice, one should at least do a little bit of basic (correct!) science to back it up.  

Maybe I'm wrong, and it is the greatest thing since activated carbon.  But please be skeptical.  Any product seeming too good to be true usually is.  If in the future EZ-Life is able to back up all or some their claims in a reproducible, rigorous manner, I will happily retract my criticism.  

Dave Gauthier