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Re: tank pressure reading

   Sorry to hear of your leak.  I had a leak between my regulator and
needle valve which I could never get to bubble despite multiple appli-
cations of soapy water/watery soap, but I could hear.  An old stetho-
scope helped me be sure which mechanical coupling was the culprit.  To
get it to go away, I had to tighten the joint a lot, nearly as much as
my strength would allow with a small wrench.
   The archives have other references to this, but the few times I've
gotten the tank filled, the pressure started at about 400 psi because
of the cold temperature, then rose to somewhat above 800 after it got
warmed up at home, and never ever registered over 900.  I gather the
temperature is made to rapidly decrease by rapidly releasing residual
gas prior to filling, and that this might be desirable to allow the 
bottle to be filled more completely.
Rockville, Md

You wrote (in part):
> My old regulator would register 2,000 pounds with a fresh fill. The new one 
> registered 700 and yesterday the refill registered 400. What should a filled 
> tank register?