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weird chocolate gourami question


I bought six chocolate gouramis about two weeks ago. True to their
delicate nature two have survived (tank parameters are soft, heavily
planted, pH in the low sixes, 125gal, CO2). The two left have looked
okay, with decent color. They peck at the plants and the bottom and eat
frozen brine shrimp. Tank mates are cardinals, a few rummy-nose, five
SAEs, one CAE, four dwarf gouramis, five tiny otos, four small dubauwi
(sp?) cats, handful guppies that came out of nowhere.

However, a couple of days ago one started looking somewhat strange. Its
light brown color has deepened to a super-chocolate, with the gold bands
getting, well, golder. Its two feelers have taken on a thickened,
feathery look (the feelers on the other gourami are almost invisible). 
Also, its throat has noticeably thickened and appears larger (much like
the wattle on a turkey). Its eyes even seem bigger, as well as its fins.
It hangs out near the top of the water, almost motionless, and appears
to be trying to a} blow bubbles or b} breathe. It's starting to take on
a totally different appearance than the other chocolate; its slightly
pop-eyed, thick-throated appearance makes me think it might have some
kind of parasite. 

I can't find a lot written about this fish, aside from the usual (timid,
dies easily, needs soft, acid conditions, picky eater, generally
spiteful, do not attempt to keep, you will be sorry, keep out, etc). 

Any ideas on what's going on would be most helpful. E-mail welcome.

amyh at atl_mediaone.net