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Low Light question


I have a very low light experimental tank. It is a 30 gallon with only 18
watts of light, plain gravel substrate and very light fertilisation with
Tetra Flora Pride. It is planted about medium with Java Fern, Moss and
anubias nana. It has been going for 6 months. The plants are doing fine,
they do not grow explosively but there is growth and they even pearl (Java
Fern). I have had no algae until 2 weeks ago. Suddenly there has been an
explosion of BGA.

I keep a log and have changed nothing from what I used to do. I checked the
tap water and it is still the same. The only change is we are currently in
winter here. The sun is lower in the sky and more sunlight could be getting
to the tank. I have closed the curtains but so far no change to the

Does anyone have any ideas what could be happening? I was very impressed
with my experiment proving anyone can keep certain plants. All I am keeping
well at the moment is algae.

Please help.

Paul G