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Crypt seedlings


The Crypt gasseri I recently acquired from Robert Paul came compete with 3 
"fruit" (i.e., seed pods) attached to one plant. These fruit are slowly 
beginning to divide into sections and open.

This particular plant I potted in a Tuface/Flourite substrate and it's 
growing emerged along with many other potted plants in a covered, community 
tank that uses heated, circulating water to keeps the air temp in the F 80 
range. The water level in this tank is about 3-4 inches or just to the level 
of the substrate in each pot. The tank is lit by a couple of homemade 
raingutter hood/strips that each have two 60 W(?) Philip's screw in 
fluorescence bulbs within. These are the lightbulb shaped ones touted as 
energy efficient replacements for the incandescent bulbs normally used in 
table lamps, etc. These bulbs are supposedly the equivalent of 120 W each. 

What I need to know is how to insure that these as yet unopened seed pods or 
fruit produce seeds that actually germinate and then how to care for the 
little sprouts. I cannot seem to locate much in the way of literature or 
usable information on this subject in English. For instance:

1. Does one wait for the pods to actually drop their seeds or should I maybe 
pluck them off beforehand and plant them manually? How delicate are the 
little seeds, or sprouts?

2. What substrate should I use for germination and at what point, if any, do 
I transplant them into larger, individual containers. I wish to grow the 
seedlings into plants in an emerged state within individual pots or 

2. What light, temperature and humidity levels should I use?

3. What experiences have others had in this regard and does anybody have any 
tips they can pass along?

If anyone like ... oh, say Tom Barr for instance, knows where more 
information on this subject can be located I would greatly, greatly 
appreciate it.

Thanking you all in advance for your patience and help I remain,


Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach