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Re: seeds

> 1. Does one wait for the pods to actually drop their seeds or should I maybe
> pluck them off beforehand and plant them manually? How delicate are the
> little seeds, or sprouts?

Your freaking out. Relax they will grow just fine. Now you have to figure
what to do with all those darn plants. C gasserii is most likely just to be
a wendtii var. gasserii. Nice lower growing plant though. I guess I have
perhaps 12 or so of them. They grow very fast vegetatively much like the
Alexi cross(but it's sterile). C wendtii "tropica" looks like a giant
gasseri in some types that are being sold. Some types are more tan in color
and lay even flatter like some pic's of C. fusca in Baensch Vol 2. Which is
which? I cannot say.
> 2. What substrate should I use for germination and at what point, if any, do
> I transplant them into larger, individual containers. I wish to grow the
> seedlings into plants in an emerged state within individual pots or
> containers. 

Well now that you have enough plants, try the flourite and try some good
soil with peat mixed in there. Some with extra fertilizer some with none
some little etc. Cover as many bases as you can. But they will all make it
most likely , this is not a difficult plant by any means. Namely the
flowering and fertilization and fruit production is the hardest part. The
rest tends to quite easy.
> 2. What light, temperature and humidity levels should I use?

Same as they have been living at. They'd flowered so they are happy.
Your just worried. Relax. The hard part is over.
Tom Barr