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Re: Keeping pH stable??

Your KH is a bit low.  What you are seeing is a slight pH crash due to the
low KH.  Baking Soda (not powder) and Seachem's Alkaline Buffer are two
popular ways of increasing KH.  Try to get your KH up to 4-6 dH.  Your pH
won't swing as much.

>Subject: Keeping pH stable??

>I have just started CO2 in my 112 gallon tank before adding CO2 my pH was 
>7.2 and my KH was 2dkh and my GH was 5 dgh...seven hours later after 
>starting CO2  ..at approx. 1 bubble a second  in my fluval canister filter 
>intake..my pH had lowered to 6.2...this is lower than recommended for a 
>plant take..I have a light fish load,about 25 fish all rather small sized 
>...I would like to bring my pH up ..without having to resort to chemical 
>adding ..what would you use?? sea shells , lime , crushed oysters..thinking

>about keeping a bag of one of these to keep my PH somewhat stable..any 
>idea's are greatly appreciated. 

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