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Re: Best Method for Complete Co2 dissolution..

What I have done is drill a hole in the bottom of my Eheim intake strainer.
I inserted an airline connector into the hole and attached the CO2 tubing to
the outside end.  I then placed a cheap disposable airstone on the other end
of the connector inside the intake strainer.  It works great for creating
smaller bubbles that go into the filter.  I still get the occasional gurgle,
but it's significantly less frequent.

>Subject: Best Method for Complete Co2 dissolution..

>I was wondering what method of Co2 injection is best for complete 
>dissolution?  I am currently running the line straight into the intake of
>Eheim Cannister filter, but when I crank up the Co2 It plays havoc on the 
>operation of the impeller.  The Co2 collects in the cannister and then 
>begins to rattle and gurgle releasing it all at once. Suggestions?  Is this

>method efficient? Or should I go back to a diffuser?
>                                            Thanks in Advance.
>                                                              Will

Craig J. Carline