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RE: Best Method for Complete Co2 dissolution..

My personal favourite is an "in-tank-reactor":
Fill a small, 1/2 liter water bottle (from the supermarket or 7-11) with
bioballs or something else inert. Drill large holes in the bottom as water
outlets, and a hole 2" from the top to accept the CO2 line.
(If you are worried about an excess of CO2 or end-of-tank-dump, simply drill
a small vent hole BELOW the CO2 inlet.)
Attach it to the outlet side of your canister (drill a hole into the screw
cap and insert the tubing).
100% efficient, quiet, safe, simple, cheap, and invisible in a planted tank.
Does double duty as a bubble counter.

Michael Eckardt

>     I was wondering what method of Co2 injection is best for complete
>dissolution?  I am currently running the line straight into the intake of
>Eheim Cannister filter, but when I crank up the Co2 It plays havoc on the
>operation of the impeller.  The Co2 collects in the cannister and then
>begins to rattle and gurgle releasing it all at once. Suggestions?  Is this
>method efficient? Or should I go back to a diffusor?