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Tank redesign...

For quite a while I've lost the love for my 75gal.  The plants have been
growing out of control, cryptocoryne balansae everywhere, apon. cripus
blooming and dropping plantlets.  Fish had no room to swim, there was about
a 1" thick layer of debris (old leaves, etc) on the bottom.

So, last night I was adding top-off water to the tank and.... I just lost
it.  I started yanking out the crypts and throwing them into a bucket, I
pulled several small and large crispus plants out and threw them out too.

I had originally gone with the idea to do away with stem plants previously
because I'm not big on trimming and grooming my tanks much.  Had I known
that balansae would be a tiger with it's runners... sheesh.

So, now I'm going with a few varieties of swords (amazons, rubins).  I've
had them before and they're great for lazy, type-b personalities like
myself.  I'm also installing a second eheim pre-filter on the other end of
the tank and repositioning the spraybar to the center of the tank.
Hopefully I'll have better luck with debris management.

Question: I'd like to get away with not even dosing liquid drops if I can.
Can swords thrive on substrate fertilization alone?

The only problem I need to solve is that I'll have no surface skimming.  If
I can build, or better yet buy an overflow box...


Kelly Beard
PBB TransIT, Corp.
(615) 986-1911