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Re: Phosphate Remover and Dying Fish

Sue wrote:

>This is the second time I have added phosphate remover to the filter of
>my planted tank and have had fish die.  The first time was a few months
>ago and I lost 11 fish.  Yesterday I discovered 4 dead fish. I cleaned
>my fluval the night before and changed the phosphate remover.  Can't be
>a coincidence. This is the only time I lose fish. Is it possible to add
>too much phosphate remover?
>Thanks in advance, Sue
I have used Phos-Zorb and Phos-Guard in Fluval 303 on my 55 gal. and placed 
both types in bags in my two 10 gal. tanks and have never experienced any 
fish death.

Is it possible that you had a high fish load, and "cleaning" the Fluval 
reduced your Ammonia/Nitrite reducing bacteria and created an ammonia spike?

Did you check ammonia levels when the fish die off occurred? This may help 
lead you to an answer.

Hope I could help.

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