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Re: Carbon filter advice needed

on 22/4/01 9:48 PM, Rob Keniger at rob at bigbang_net.au wrote:

>> It might remove essentially none of it. High-pressure commercial carbon
>> filters are needed to get finely pulverized activated charcoal powder in
>> contact with enough of the water, long enough, to remove it.
> Oh.

Interestingly enough, I tested my filter anyway. (refresher: it is a 3 foot
long piece of PVC pipe, 3 inches in diameter, packed with carbon, about
3.5lbs/1.5kgs with normal hose fittings attached to the ends).

I am currently seeing 0ppm chlorine and ammonia in the water that has passed
through it using an Aquarium pharmaceuticals test kit. The water going into
it is testing about 5ppm chlorine or slightly more and the ammonia is
non-zero as well.

Surely if it is doing an effective job of removing the carbon now then it
will remain effective until the carbon is exhausted? I think the idea of
multiple filters is a good one and I'll probably do this, but it seems to me
that my design is just fine.

I am passing the water through it slowly and intend to do small water
changes - about three or four a day, 5 or so gallons at a time.


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