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Re: Carbon filter advice needed

Perhaps I have missed something on the "filter for automatic water changer"
thread.  I don't recall a reservoir mentioned so perhaps it is going
directly into the tank vs. using a reservoir?

I was planning on setting one up using a big Rubbermaid or garbage can and
putting air stones, pump to get it upstairs, submersible heaters and an
automatic doser (or Rondomatic or Lifeguard auto feeder) to dispense
Equilibrium and Alkaline Buffer into the water.  With that sitting at least
24 hours won't everything dissipate out with the aeration?  Also, has anyone
tried using one of the auto-feeders for dispensing powdered chemicals?  I
haven't found a doser for powder and the two feeders allow you to put a
specific amount for each dosage vs. a tumbler.