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CAEs, not always aggressive, not always carnivores:P

Hi all,

I think there is a little too much paranoia about the CAEs, yes, their personalities vary, and yes, they can be aggressive, but so can FFFs and even our beloved SAEs (to a much lesser extent)

If you keep a fish in a space too small to be their natural territory, they will be aggressive. Some fish require more territory than others. 

I have had many CAEs, growing them to a large size, and as long as i kept moving them up into larger accomodation, i find them actually a little shy...

They eat a lot of zuchinni, and I can see where they have removed algae from the glass (yes i watched as they rasped it away) However, the dont actually remove all of it so their usefullness as glass cleaners = limited. (they leave 'trails' through the algae:P)

I've never had mollies or bettas, or loaches/plecos, or even angels die or have any visible marks in tanks with CAEs. I dont even know that they are truely nocturnal, most of the time when i turn on the light in the middle of the night they are pale and 'unconscious', while the bristlenoses are still rasping away:)

They are not ideal fish, and hardly ideal algae eaters, but by no means are they the 'devil' portrayed in most discussions:) 

just my 2 cents:)


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