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Re: Carbon filter advice needed

on 22/4/01 12:59 AM, Wright Huntley at huntley1 at home_com wrote:

> It might remove essentially none of it. High-pressure commercial carbon
> filters are needed to get finely pulverized activated charcoal powder in
> contact with enough of the water, long enough, to remove it.


> I would be inclined to just buy two regular commercial in-line filters that
> take the 9" cartridges, and hook them in series. A tap between can let you
> test for "punch through" (simple chlorine test) and swap the used up first
> cartridge for the nearly unused second, putting a new one in second place.
> That way the fish are always protected when the filter eventually fails and
> leaks chloramine through. Changing carbon is also greatly simplified.

This does sound like a good idea. I am having a bit of trouble finding the
appropriate type of filter though (I am in Australia).

> The carbon chunks I have seen from the LFS have given me very poor results,
> and I sure wouldn't risk a discus tank on them. You need very complex
> baffling and quite fine powder to get the needed surface area and time of
> contact. The regular Home Depot cartridges are cheap and effective.

I will try to find something similar over here.


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