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Archival Issues of PAM

The idea, as I perceive it, is that as issues of PAM become scarce they will
be electronically archived to preserve and disseminate the content. A noble
and generous gesture indeed, but with some associated stumbling blocks
cropping up concerning file size.

Dave wants to present a high enough resolution to preserve one of the
attractions of the magazine - its splendid photography. I haven't tracked
down the first issue yet (my own fault, especially since I'm interested in
the article on Chain Swords), but from what I _have_ seen so far the pub
makes an excellent visual reference. I would have to say that I can
appreciate his concern here.

There is a valid point being raised on file sizes, especially in light of
requests for even _higher_ resolutions, that affect more than just a simple
download inconvenience. I think Dave will quickly come to the conclusion
that an extended effort along these lines will begin to hit his wallet at
some point, both in storage requirements and bandwidth usage (hopefully,
anyway), with the attack coming from his ISP account.

The solution begins with a simple concept: were I to reference the future
possibilities of such an _informational_ database, it wouldn't be to count
the number of times I'd have to see Jim L's mug in API's full- page
_advertisement_. Or the total number of SeaChem bottles contained in an

If you're committed to supporting your advertisers in an electronic archive,
separate them out to their own "Advertisers and Supporters" section...

Containing a single copy NOT duplicated within each issue...


David A. Youngker
nestor10 at mindspring_com