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Sword plant propogation

I have a question about swords. I purchased a
wonderful, huge marble queen sword that was loaded
with "baby" plants. I left them attached for about
three weeks then began to remove them and plant them
and pass some around (there were at least 20). Some
people reported to me that the plants wasted away
after they were planted. I thought maybe the tank they
had was not properly lighted, but I ave noticed that
about a third of the ones I have are also rotting
away. Strangely, the lpant adjacent may be producing
new leaves, while the other wastes away. I know that
one was planted improperly ( I notice that the top of
the roots/bottom of the stems was beneath the
substrate), but the others were planted similarly to
the ones that are growing (albeit slowly). In the smae
tank the "baby" ozelot swords are doing remarkably
well. Is the marble queen difficult, or is there a
trick to how and when to remove these plants from the


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