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RE: Why do SAE's die so easly

Hi Dave.  I have had my 50-gal planted tank running for about a year now.  I
started out with 3 SAEs that were quite small.  Unfortunately, one jumped
out before I got a glass tank cover and it was dead before I discovered it.
The other two are still going strong -- big, fat, and seemingly very

What's your schedule for water changes?  What are you feeding?  I have found
that there's not any visible algae in my tank any more (I also have a few
Amano shrimp), but the SAEs also eat regular fish food, especially the
Hikari sinking tablets or algae wafers.


> I have owned about 20 SAE's in the year and a half my tank has
> been up, and
> all of them die with in about 2 months.  I do not know what I am
> doing wrong
> if anything.  Has any one else had this problem?  Are they hard to keep
> alive?