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Re: CO2 poisoning

on 7/4/01 9:30 PM, Kyle at Kyle10500 at webtv_net wrote:

> To repeat main question: Can a very short term unnoticed CO2 spike cause
> irreversible lethal damage to fish?

Before I started aerating the water at night time I was having problems with
low O2/high CO2 in the morning. I lost a Farlowella to this and my Discus
were not happy. I simply have an airstone on a timer that goes on shortly
before lights out and off just before lights on. Works great.

I have a 55 Gallon with a high fish load - 6 Discus, 5 SAEs plus a Royal
Whiptail, a cory, 2 bristlenose cats and three clown loaches.

In my 29G tank I don't have to aerate at night - it has a light fish load.

The problem in my case seemed to be more a lack of O2 than CO2 poisoning.


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