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Re:CO2 poisoning

Tom Barr wrote:

CO2 has to be higher than your measuring to cause problems. You have
decent circulation? Spilled something into tank? Feed live food besides
brine? Seems like you've ruled out this problem. Look for something

Tom Barr

Thanks, that's what I thought. And thanks to those who helped off list. 

Great circulation. Fluval 404, Rena Filstar(largest size?) and Magnum
350. Never have spilled anything into tank. Only thing goes near it
besides tapwater is TMG, Flourish Iron and Leaf Zone. Closest thing to
live food is earthworms(safe organic source-my yard)  and frozen brine
shrimp. Then various freeze dried, pellets and flakes. 

If not parasites which has been suggested best I can figure is high CO2
spike that I never observed during night. Question is: Can a short time
exposure to very high CO2 cause irreversible problems? I did a google
seach on the Krib for CO2 poisoning and found nothing that would tell
me. Best I can figure is it causes kidney damage. Can a short spike do
this? Will fish exhibit bloating like some of mine did before they died?

For now running BW during lights off. When pH is checked at lights on,
so far it is less than 20ppm. At end of day before lights out it is back
up to 20 or above but pH not lower than 6.8. Turned UV back on to help
stop spread of parasites in case that is the problem. Only tradeoff?
EDTA breakdown? 

Monitoring CO2 more closely and if another fish starts dying while I
know CO2 is OK will do a parasite treatment at once.

To repeat main question: Can a very short term unnoticed CO2 spike cause
irreversible lethal damage to fish?