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Uninvited guests

Ian seemed concerned about a snail invasion.    Not to restart the "great
snail debate" again but they aren't all bad, in my opinion.  I just had a
huge green spot algae explosion on my front glass and the pond snails are
chomping (and actually making headway) as fast as they can go.  (The SAE's
and ottos could care less).  The Malaysian Trumpet Snails are keeping my
substrate aerated and eat any extraneous food that makes it to the bottom.
My Ramshorn cleans plant leaves.  The snails can be beneficial.  Granted,
some snails think they are at an all you can eat salad bar, but I have never
had problems with MTS, pond or ramshorns.  (Not all Ramshorn's are safe from
what I hear though...)

If you dislike them however, you could always drop food in (sinking algae
wafers or vegetables work nicely).  After a few hours, net it back out and
it oftentimes, will be covered with snails.  Some folks use loaches.  Check
the archives for discussions on which ones to use or other ideas.

Good luck.

Daphne in Atlanta