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Re: Yamato Green

In an effort to reduce the amount of work necessary to add my poor man's
version of PMDD, I switched to using Yamato Green in all but one
aquarium several months ago.  The analysis of the product seems complete
and I have not had any problems switching from my previous method of
supplementing plants nutrients to the use of this product.  My plants
continue to grow well.  I am now supplementing the nutrients weekly and
testing less often.  There seems to be no indication of algae
outbreaks.  My N03 levels start around 10ppm at the beginning of the
dosing cycle and finish around 5ppm.  Plant growth is normal, no
deformed leaves, fading or other poor performance.  My initial
assessment of this product is that it is meeting all of my plants needs
without daily intervention.

Having said all of that, some on the list will note that the individual
responsible for marketing Yamato Green is known to me.  I give my
testimony as a mater of fact, much the same as I do when sharing any
information.  It is given without bribe, payment or fear of reprisal.