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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #941

>> Well I did get a sample and will take a look tomorrow. It's
>> bright green
>> filamentous, of that there's no doubt.
> Filamentous when viewed unde a microscope I presume?

Yes. I looked at dried up sample I had. I need a fresh sample and will try
to get one again. When viewed under the scope the dried sample was football
shaped and quite small (cocci), almost the size of cyano's. I did see a few
small groups that might appear to be filaments. The drying could have broken
the chains that link them together but this seems doubtful. I need to see if
there are any flagella etc. So I need a fresher sample.
>> The fellow who's tank I saw had the same problem he said. He
>> did not try
>> blackout. Do you have some green water blooms ever? Is your
>> water on the
>> softer side (less than 5KH/GH)?
> I have never had a green water bloom in this tank.  It was started with less
> light though, increased after several months.  I think this is a good new
> tank strategy if practical.
> Water is actually quite hard:  12KH 10GH.  Tap has 0.6ppm PO4

Well it doesn't care about soft or hard. That's strange the slow growth
building up.
> The strange thing is I didn't notice it much on the plants.  Certainly not
> like brown diatoms.  Probably because the film was thin, and green, so much
> easier to see on the glass.  If left alone though, it would significantly
> block the view into the tank in 4-5 days.

Sounds like the same stuff.

>> The tank's I've
>> seen had either a big influx of fish or a removal of fish
>> even though the
>> ammonia etc reads zero. Do you have a light fish load?
> The fish load at the time was a bit high.  2 Angels (1 inch body), 30
> Cardinals, 2 SAE, 8 Ottos, 4 Corys, 3 Platys.
> Although I still had to dose KNO3.

Hummm... there's one commonalty.
> Yeah, it was interesting for the first few weeks, then it was a real pain,
> then it just ticked me off :-/

Oh yes I don't forget them days. It would be interesting to grow in a say a
Tropheus tank etc. Fast food.

Pithophora is very pretty and makes excellent food for algae eating fish. I
used to use it in algae scrubbers and try to get a good growth of it on
rocks for fish to nibble on.
> Mike Grace

Tanks for the info.
Tom Barr