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Stargrass carpet?

My stargrass is growing like mad. Problem is, the growth is all horizontal. 
It grows in what I'm guessing (Never having grown it before) is a normal 
manner, except that it's flopped over and every little bunch of leaves is 
rooted. It looks like a very young, very short, tall Sag patch, if that makes 
any sense. Now, it's not that I don't like it, but I have plenty of 
foreground plants an not enough background, I like the way it looks, well, 
standing up, and I'm wondering, can I stake it or something? Like tomatoes? 
(Or some sort of plant - I'm awful at terrestrial gardening) Um, 125 gallons, 
2.56 wpg, nitrate addition, understocked currently, Fluval 404, Flourite, 
yeast C)2 whenever I bother to re-seal the caps. Can't see how any of that 
would affect it, but ... If it matters, my Purple Cambomba does the same 
thing, but less extreme. Just kinda falls over and roots in.

-Molly & the fish