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pH meter resuscitation

Hi again,
Today I managed to beg borrow + steal two pocket pen pH meters from my school 
chemistry department. They have been in the professors desk drawer for some 
time and they were pretty dusty and totally dried out (crud all over the 
probes). They are small Hanna types - one is the pHep+ and the other just 
says pH on it (but is exactly the same design). I know you're not supposed to 
let Hanna meters dry out, but the pHep+ actually seems to work, I calibrated 
it at pH 7.0 and it gave moderately stable readings in my tanks that were the 
same general area as the pH test kit results. My question is, I remember 
reading sometime ago about a method for reactivating worn out probes by 
soaking them in a solution of (could have been) KCl. Do those who know, think 
that this will be necessary for these meters? And could someone e-mail me 
offlist and tell me how they work? I know they use a platinum wire for 
something or other, and on the pHep+, that looks pretty furred up with gunk. 
Basically, do you think these meters are beyond salvation? (They better not 
be, the cheapest ones I can buy are about $85!!)