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RE: A good site for Nutrient levels etc

Diana asked some questions so here's some answers, her being an ex local pal
and all. This is likely more than most wanted to know:

For a good reason why C,H and O are not included see:


This is a good site for testing and other sources of nutrients.

For more info on nutrients:


This is a good site I think and is worth book marking for references.
Referring to the statement that K+ is used more than iron is fine and true
but saying that Fe (iron) is next on the list of most used nutrients after
K+ is rubbish. I hope and think the first part is what was meant:)

There are some good sites for hormones as well if you are interested in
those also.

A little Anubias stem to chew on. If you've figured out the CO2 and lights
-nutrients are all that is left.

GH and KH will help the Ca/Mg and there's typically enough of the other
micro's to take care of the plant's needs in most trace mixes. All that's
left is the main Macro's - Nitrogen, Phosphorus K-potassium (NPK). K can be
added to excess say in the 20-30ppm or higher even(but does not help any
more by doing so up to about 50ppm or, I have not gone far beyond that.
Don't see much point. Never did get any algae from all of it. Same could be
said for the Ca/Mg. I consider lumping these all together actually(K, Ca,
Mg). They need to present in decent amounts but are not critical in excess.

N and P are separate. These are my main controls that I watch closely.
You'll get more use out of them than the trace element mixes when growing
your plants. I'm not saying not to add Traces but these will control your
growth and algae better than the traces will.

Another issue to chew on when analyzing the nutrients. The law of
minimums(see site for more info). Blaming one nutrient when your other
things are out of whack is very very VERY common. You cannot pass judgement
on a particular level until you have a good range of the other parameters.
Snake oils play on this issue to a great extent. Spreading and helping
Myths. Bugs me.  

Tom Barr