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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #869 - snails and sales

On Tuesday, 02/27/01,Paul Kelley, M.D." <NoleDoc at chartertn_net wrote:
> My questions were: Snails; I have two striped ones almost 2" across and two
> golden ones the size of marbles. Are my swords and crypts and Java's in
> danger? Plants in general? I believe they've already eaten some white,
> dangling roots.
> Thanks,
> Paul the NoleDoc
> Living and learning in the heart of
> the beautiful NE Tennessee Smokies.

The striped snails that are two inches across sound like they maybe "Columbian
Ramshorn snails and the golden are probably a form of "Mystery snails".  If the
striped snails have a flat shell, spiraling inward, then they are a species of
ramshorn snails.  If the shell spirals outward, then a form of apple snail or
mystery snail.

The Columbian Ramshorn snail that I had, devastated my tank.  They were
voracious plant eaters.  The best ramshorn snail IMHO is the black ramshorn
along with its mutant brother the red ramshorn.  The maximum size that I have
seen is less than an inch across.  I have never seen this snail harm any plants.
Most Mystery snails seem to be OK in a planted tank, but there are many species
and YMMV.

Southwest TN